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ELKHATIB LAW FIRM is composed of talented legal professionals dedicated to legal counseling to companies, legal representation and arbitration, in the following areas of business law:

Legal counseling

Our firm has a well-established experience in providing legal assistance to local and foreign investors in the implementation of their investment projects and the development of their activities in Morocco.

In this framework, we support our clients through:

  • The identification and analysis of the legal and fiscal framework of their activities in Morocco;
  • The identification and the analysis of the legal and financial arrangements of their project;
  • The analysis of the benefits and limitations of the different possible scenario;
  • The preparation of contractual documents relating thereto, and the assistance and support throughout the negotiations with all the parties involved in the project (partners, public administrations, banking institutions), as well as the legal audit of target companies and /or partners, etc.;
  • The company's incorporation
  • The Drawing up and reviewing the contract and agreements;
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  • The assumption of the legal obligations of businesses, by drafting legal instruments (statutes and company formation documents, minutes of General Assemblies), assistance to operations of restructuring of groups of companies (mergers, spin-offs, total or partial sale of the companies' assets., …) as well as the counsel to management, board of director, in the civil and criminal liability arising from their functions as an ipso jure or de facto managers of the company;
  • The establishment of due diligence reports and drafting the corporate acts and the necessary contractual documents for purchase transaction and /or total or partial sale of companies;
  • The drafting of shareholders’ agreements between partners or shareholders of the company;
  • Trademark registration application;
  • Drafting of assignment, sale and transfer of exploitation rights contracts ...; 


The ELKHATIB LAW FIRM regularly represents its clients in disputes relating to their commercial activities. Thus, we act in a particular way in disputes concerning:

  •  The Judicial debts collection;
  • The conclusion and / or termination of commercial contracts;
  • The Corporate Law;
  • The industrial and commercial property law;
  • The Contract Law;
  • The Criminal business law;
  • The Labor Law;
  • The Tax litigation;
  • The collective insolvency proceedings


The firm assists its clients in the arbitration proceedings. Our teams act at all stages of the arbitral process to assist the firm's clients in drafting the arbitration agreement, determining the pre-litigation and litigation strategy, representation in the arbitral proceedings, precautionary and provisional measures, and enforcement of arbitral decisions.

All lawyers of our firm have a well-established expertise as arbitrators and legal counsels of the parties involved in an arbitration proceeding.

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    EL KHATIB LAW FIRM since 1966 in Tangier